Hi, my name is Greg. This project is the result of my ever-growing passion for soul music.

I grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, and during the 1960’s played saxophone in a number of bands there. Back then, the only soul songs to make it into the city were the records that managed to hit the pop music charts. But, as soon as I heard the likes of Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Wilson Pickett and a few others, I was hooked.

Later, the introduction of CDs enabled me to listen to much of the main body of great soul music as more and more real classics were re-issued. After many decades of experiencing this brilliant music, my search for soul gems still continues, and each new discovery yields its own special reward.


  1. Hi Greg. I learned about your website via Sharon Sallows my sister in law. I love jazz, and am so glad that Sharon shared this site with me. I’m a little behind with all you’ve done but am catching up with the episodes. Keep them coming please. You’re doing a GREAT JOB and you’ve got the voice of a great host.

    1. Hi Paul,
      I’m delighted to hear that you are enjoying the music.My goal is to share it with others who may be receptive to its emotional power and beauty.It deserves to be heard.Thank you so much for your kind comments.I’m very excited about the upcoming season ,and hope you’ll continue to listen and enjoy this great music.

  2. ‘Old Love Never Dies’ – Big Maybelle, but the single cut rather than the album version. Do you have this and would you consider sharing?

    1. Hi Graham,
      Thanks so much for your kind comment. I’m delighted that you’re enjoying the songs of these great artists. Hopefully, bit by bit, more people will come to know this wonderful music.
      All the best,

  3. Hi Greg,

    I like your information very much.

    The music is superb, most I know but many I did not.

    Thank you.

    Have you done anything with Oscar Toney JR. (Male – but I see you mention a few).

    I am most interested in his take on “Help me make the night”.

    Thanks again.

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi Flavius,

      I’m glad to hear that you like the info and music on the site.

      Because of the focus of the Sisters Sing Soul series it’s unlikely that I will do an episode on Oscar Toney Jr. but I must say that I greatly admire his singing. I quite like one of his lesser known singles, “Everything I Own”, released on ATCO in 1974. Unfortunately I have no information about “Help Me Make The Night”. It’s not mentioned in the excellent and extensive article on Oscar Toney Jr. at Sir Shambling’s Deep Soul Heaven website, or in any of the discographies I checked.

      I hope you’ll continue to tune in to the Sisters Sing Soul. I’m planning to issue more new episodes starting in late September.

      All the best,


      1. Hi Flavius,

        I just wanted to let you know that Episode 84 featuring Sandra Wright, Joyce Kennedy and the Stovall Sisters has just been posted. I hope that you enjoy the program.

        All the best,


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