Episode 89 – Denise LaSalle (Part II) & “If You’ve Ever Loved Someone”

Welcome to this week’s episode of Sisters Sing Soul.

This week’s episode features more songs from Denise LaSalle & two artists’ interpretations of “If You’ve Ever Loved Someone/Somebody”.

Here’s where you can find the songs in this episode.

Denise LaSalle Sisters Sing Soul

Denise LaSalle

Denise LaSalle

‘Now Run And Tell That’ and ‘I’m Satisfied’ — From The Album “Denise LaSalle: On The Loose/Trapped By A Thing Called Love” — Westbound Records

‘I Wanna Do What’s On Your Mind’, ‘Who’s The Fool’ and ‘Share Your Man With Me’ — From The Album “Denise LaSalle: Here I Am Again” — Westbound Records

‘Sweet Soul’ — From The Album “Denise LaSalle: A Little Bit Naughty” — Shout Records


The song “If You’ve Ever Loved Someone/Somebody” can be found on:

Gloria Parker — Found on YouTube

Jean Wells — From The Album “Jean Wells: Soul On Soul Deluxe Edition” — BBE Records


Please feel free to comment below with any questions or observations.

We’ll be off until the new year, but we will be back in 2018 with many more all-new episodes. Until then, we’d like to wish all of you a very happy holiday season!

Thanks for listening!



  1. Have a great family Xmas and thanks again for the wonderful songs and interesting background notes. Wonder if in 2018 you might find a slot for some Deitra Farr ? Just love her ‘How Much Longer’ and ‘Stealin’ Your Love’. Of course this may be well outside of your usual time period ,but I loved the fact that if you didn’t know when that Album Search Is Over was released you would think you were listening to something from the 60/70’s.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks so much for your kind greetings and comments. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas too.
      I just checked out the two Deitra Farr tracks you recommended, and as you suggested they sound like they’re
      right out of the classic soul era. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I think it’s just wonderful that there
      are new artists turning out such terrific songs in a real soul style.
      I hope you’ll continue to listen to the Sisters Sing Soul programs.I plan to release the next batch of new episodes
      starting on January 14 or so.
      All the best,

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