Summer By The Sea

I’ve been enjoying yet another wonderful summer with my wife at our place on the shore of the Bay Of Fundy in Nova Scotia.It’s peaceful and beautiful here with pleasantly warm weather accompanied by fresh, gentle breezes coming in off the water. Spending time in this idyllic setting is not only good for the soul, but also allows the opportunity to do research on soul music, and prepare scripts for future episodes of the Sisters Sing Soul.

New discoveries for me this summer include a fine, deep soul track by Ella Woods, “Love Affair”. In addition I came across a number of excellent sides by the unrelated Belitta Woods including “I Just Love You”, “That’s When I Stop Loving You” and “Who’s Fooling Who”.

The biggest new thrill for me was finding Dorothy Morrison’s electrifying, live performance of “All God’s Children Got Soul” on Youtube. Dorothy’s style  is a blend of gospel and soul with the emphasis on gospel. Her single, “Rain”, plus her album, “Brand New Day”, showcase her considerable vocal prowess.

I have also been the lucky recipient of many fine songs shared by my friend, John Moloney, who resides in South Africa and has an extensive collection of soul music. John kindly  sent me tracks by the aforementioned Belitta Woods as well as Dorothy Morrison’s album which can only be found in its original vinyl format. John has also passed along the albums of Walter Jackson, a superb yet underrated artist. I am continuing to listen my way through the albums with much pleasure.

One of the new episodes of the Sisters Sing Soul that I was working on a few weeks ago features a second set of songs by the great Dorothy Moore. Her stunning take on the country ballad, “Knee Deep In A River’, is one of the highlights of the program. I checked out other versions of the song on Youtube and came across one by country artist, Kathy Mattea. My knowledge of country music is pretty limited and unsurprisingly I had not heard of her before. I was impressed with her singing and especially enjoyed “Where’ve You Been” and “Goin’ Gone”.

Now, as the summer comes to a close, I’m looking forward to releasing more new episodes of the Sisters Sing Soul. I’ll post previews about the upcoming programs in a week or so.

Stay tuned, and thanks for listening.


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