Episode 63 – Mary Wells, Nancy Butts & “Don’t Be Surprised”

Welcome to this week’s episode of Sisters Sing Soul.

This week’s episode features songs from Mary Wells, Nancy Butts and a comparison.

Mary Wells Sisters Sing Soul

Mary Wells

Here’s where you can find the songs in this episode.

Mary Wells

‘Two Lovers History’, ‘Woman In Love’ and ‘I See A Future In You’ — Found on YouTube

‘Don’t Keep Me Hanging On’ — Found on Vinyl 45


Nancy Butts

‘I Can’t Love But One Man At A Time’ and ‘I’ve Been Blind Too Long’ — From The Album “Macon Soul Soup” — Grapevine Records

The song “Don’t Be Surprised” can be found on:

Diamonettes — “Miami Soul Sisters” — Henry Stone Music

Lynn Williams — On YouTube


Please feel free to comment below with any questions or observations.

We’re off for the summer and will be back in the fall with new episodes. In the meantime, stay tuned for some great content.

Thanks for listening!



  1. Greg- it’s Julian here from San Diego. just popping on to say this was a great installment. it’s been a while since your last update? new masterpieces coming soon?

    1. Hi Julian,

      Thanks once again for your kind and enthusiastic comments.

      Every summer I take a break to travel and do some research for future podcasts.

      I’m excited about the episodes that will be released starting in early September. This fall you can expect programs featuring The Sweet Inspirations, Big Maybelle, Betty Everett, Ann Peebles Part 3 and more. I hope you’ll continue to listen.

      All the best,



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