Episode 62 – Bonnie Bramlett & Norma Jenkins

Welcome to this week’s episode of Sisters Sing Soul.

This week’s episode features songs from Bonnie Bramlett & Norma Jenkins.

Bonnie Bramlett Sisters Sing Soul

Bonnie Bramlett

Here’s where you can find the songs in this episode.

Bonnie Bramlett

‘Piece Of My Heart’, ‘The Love Of My Man’, ‘Groupie (Superstar)’ and ‘Able, Qualified and Ready’  — From the album “Bonnie Bramlett: Piece Of My Heart” — Raven Records

‘I Know How It Feels To Be Lonely’  — From the album “D & B Together” — SBME Records

Norma Jenkins Sisters Sing Soul

Norma Jenkins

Norma Jenkins

‘Need Someone To Love’  — Found on YouTube

‘One Girl Too Many’ — From the album “All Platinum Girls” — Sanctuary Records Group

‘You’ve Been Here Since Then’ — From the album “Norma Jenkins: Patience Is A Virtue” — Essential Media Group

Please feel free to comment below with any questions or observations.

Next week’s episode will feature the music of Mary Wells, Nancy Butts, and two artists’ interpretations of a deep soul gem.

Thanks for listening!


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