Episode 52 – Kim Tolliver

Welcome to this week’s episode of Sisters Sing Soul.

This week’s episode features songs from Kim Tolliver.

Here’s where you can find the songs in this episode:

Kim Tolliver Sisters Sing Soul

Kim Tolliver

Kim Tolliver

‘I’ll Try To Do Better’, ‘I Gotta Find A Way’ and ‘Where Were You’ — From the Album “Kim Tolliver” — Rojac Records

‘How Long Can I Keep Hanging On ‘ (as Big Ella) — Found on YouTube

‘Get Myself Together’ and ‘Standing Room Only — From Sir Shambling’s Deep Soul Heaven

‘Learn To Get Along Without You’ and ‘The Way He Used To’ — From the Album “Kim Tolliver: Come And Get Me, I’m Ready” — Universal Music


Please feel free to comment below with any questions or observations.

In next week’s new episode, we’ll feature the music of Marian Love & Judy White.

Thanks for listening!


  1. Hi Greg,

    I’ve been listening to ‘black’ music for the past 40 years. Started out with reggae in the late seventies. And I still listen to reggae from that time, where loads are being reissued.

    Then I turned to West African music and hip hop. And by coincidence the read a review of David Godin series. During the years I’ve been buying soul cd’s part time – mainly from Kent. The David Godin changes my view on soul completely. The latest ad on has been ‘Sisters Sing Soul’, which has blown me away. I sing, I cry and I smile…

    You’ve introduced me to singers and tracks that for the time is the soundtrack of my life. I’m so grateful – and so is my wife, cause the airtime is no longer occupied by smokie reggae rhythms:-)

    Once again thanks.

    Kind regards / Med venlig hilsen Tom Fjederholt Manager & Booker – VoxHall

    Direct Ph: +45 8730 9795 Cell Ph: +45 2751 4673 Main Ph: +45 8730 9797 Mail: tom@fondenvoxhall.dk

    Vester Allé 15 8000 Aarhus C – DK ———  http://www.fondenvoxhall.dk ———

    > Den 24/01/2016 kl. 18.03 skrev Sisters Sing Soul : > >

    1. Hi Tom,
      I am thrilled that you and your wife are getting so much from this brilliant but still largely unknown body of work. I hope you’ll keep listening and enjoying the programs. There’s more to come!
      All the best,

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