Episode 35 – Debbie Taylor & “Leftover Love”

Welcome to this week’s episode of Sisters Sing Soul.

This week’s episode features songs from Debbie Taylor, as well as two different artists’ interpretations of the song “Leftover Love”.

Here’s where you can find the songs in this episode:

Debbie Taylor Sisters Sing Soul

Debbie Taylor

Debbie Taylor

‘Check Yourself’, ‘I Have Learned To Do Without You’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave You’  — Found on YouTube

‘Never Gonna Let Him Know’  — From The Album “GWP – NYC – TLC Volume 2” — Ace Records, Kent Soul label

‘Let’s Prove Them Wrong’  — From The Album “GWP – NYC – TLC” — Ace Records, Kent Soul label

‘Leaving Him Tomorrow’ and ‘No Deposit, No Return’  — From The Album “Debbie Taylor: Still Comin’ Down On You” — Sequel Records

The song “Leftover Love” can be found on the following 2 albums.

Mable John — “Mable John: Stay Out Of The Kitchen” — Stax Records

Ruby Johnson — “Ruby Johnson: I’ll Run Your Hurt Away” — Stax Records


Please feel free to comment below with any questions or observations.

Next week we will feature the songs of one of soul music’s most prolific, successful and beloved artists, Gladys Knight.

Thanks for listening!


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