Upcoming Episodes

Next week I plan to start posting episodes 13 through 15 of the Sisters Sing Soul.Following these three episodes my son Daniel,who is the technical producer of this series,will post a first season wrap-up.The second season of podcasts will commence in mid-September.

In Episode 13 Irma Thomas will be the featured artist.Her incomparable singing comes straight from the heart,with breath-taking phrasing and deeply emotive vocal inflections.She richly deserves her title,Soul Queen Of New Orleans.

The music of Dorothy Moore and Ann Sexton will be included in Episode 14.Dorothy Moore achieved fame with the gorgeous ballad,”Misty Blue”,but her several decades of recording produced many more deep soul gems.Three fine southern soul songs by little known diva,Ann Sexton,will round out the program.

In Episode 15 you’ll be able to hear a second set of songs from the incomparable Ann Peebles whose brilliant singing was first aired in Episode 2.Also featured will be Rhonda Washington,yet another obscure artist whose songs are deserving of the highest accolades.

Stay tuned for more magnificent deep soul music in the months ahead.

Thanks for listening.


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