Upcoming Episodes

In one week I’ll start posting new episodes of the Sisters Sing Soul. I’m very excited about sharing some great, deep soul music with you.

In Episode 6 Candi Staton will be the featured artist. She is without question one of the greatest and most influential soul singers ever. Among the songs you’ll hear will be a number from her first three albums which are recognized as milestones in the evolution of soul music.

Episode 7 will offer the opportunity to hear the stunning music of two brilliant but relatively obscure artists. Frankie Gearing spent most of her career as a member of a number of vocal groups rather than as a solo singer. Yet, her voice and musical expression are so distinctive and soulful that she clearly stands out from her singing partners. Virtually nothing is known about Jean Battle except for the fact that she recorded two of the finest deep soul ballads of all time.

The music of Laura Lee and Jackie Ross will come your way in Episode 8. Both artists recorded for Chicago’s Chess Records,but their singing styles are far apart. Laura Lee’s deeply soulful voice was ideally suited to the southern Muscle Shoals sound, while Jackie Ross often sounded like a typical, sweet-voice female songstress from Chicago, until she really let loose.

Episode 9 will feature Bettye Lavette who never gave up the struggle to achieve success over many decades of trying before finally achieving her goal, and Maxine Brown, who toiled for decades without ever really breaking through to stardom.

In Episode 10 you’ll be able to hear the highly contrasting styles of the obscure but sensational southern soul singer Barbara Brown alongside the deeply expressive Fontella Bass whose best work soars above her big hit, Rescue Me.

There will be more to come after these next five episodes. Stay tuned.

Thanks for listening!




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