Episode 2 Correction

The following correction/update has also been added to the post for Episode 2.

In episode 2 I say: “In 1969 Baby Washington travelled to Muscle Shoals, Alabama where she recorded 8 songs for Atlantic Records’ Cotillion label. As far as I know only 2 45’s were released from that session.”

John Ridley has kindly informed me that all 8 songs were in fact released by Cotillion on a total of four 45’s. My thanks to John for this correction.

John is one of the world’s leading experts on soul music. He has written many excellent liner notes for soul cd’s. In fact, he wrote the extensive liner notes for “The Complete Ann Peebles” on Hi Records, Volume 1 and 2 from which 3 of episode 2’s songs were drawn. John also has the world’s best deep soul website, loaded with rare songs that are extremely difficult to find elsewhere. The name of the site is Sir Shambling’s Deep Soul Heaven and can be found here: http://sirshambling.com



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